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To apply for SBNS membership click the link below and visit our application page.

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Patient Information

SBNS is unable to give medical advice or recommend neurosurgeons. Please use an appropriate support group or your GP.

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Become a Neurosurgeon

The management of neurosurgical patients requires excellent medical and surgical skills, a career in Neurosurgery offers many challenges and rewards.

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Trustees and Directors

The SBNS Board of Trustees  have legal and fiduciary responsibility for the Society.  The Officers are elected by the voting members of the Society and, each individual serves as a Trustee for four years. 

  • President
  • President Elect
  • Immediate Past President
  • Treasurer
  • Honoray Secretary


Council  advises the Board of  Trustees and plays a pivotal role in determining the strategic and professional direction of the Society, ensuring it remains responsive to the needs and views of its membership. 

Council comprises:

  • 10 Elected Council Members
  • Ex officio members include the chairs of the sub-speciality leads as invited guests
  • Council meets 4 times a year  and is chaired by the President


  • Pesident  
    Mr N Kitchen - 2018-2020 Sept
  • President Elect 
    Mr A Jenkins - 2019 - 2020 Sept
  • Immediate Past President
    Mr P May - 2018-2019 Sept
  • Vice President
    Mr N Phillips - 2018-2020 Jan
  • Treasurer 
    Mr N Mendoza - 2019-2023 Jan
  • Honoray Secretary
    Mr J Thorne - 2015-2019 Sept 
  • Meetings and Communications Secretaries
    Prof. M Wilson and Ms K Gilkes - 2016-2020 Sept 

 Elected Council Members

  • Prof A King  2019-2024 July
  • Mr C Wigfield 2019-2204 Dec
  • Ms J Grieve 2018-2023 Feb
  • Prof I Kamaly-Asl 2018-2023 Feb
  • Mr P Grundy 2017-2010 Sept * Honorary Secretary from Sept 2019
  • Mr S Cooke 2017-2022 July
  • Mr M Radatz 2017-2022 Jan
  • Mr C Tolias 2016-2021 Oct
  • Mr S Basu 2016-2021 Oct
  • Prof C Watts 2016-2021 Oct

  Ex-Officio Members  

  •  Chairman of National Neurosurgical Audit Programme (NNAP)
     Mr N Phillips  2017-2020 June
  •  Chairman of The Neurosurgical Foundation
     Mr A Jenkins 2018 - 2020 Oct
  • Chairman of SAC in Neurosurgery
    Mr P Whitfield 2017-2020 Jan
  • Chairman of Intercollegiate Examination Board
    Ms J Brown 2018-2021 Sept
  • Chair of the National Selection Board
    Mr W Taylor 2017-2019 Oct
  • RCS Council Rep & GIRFT Rep
    Mr N Phillips 2011 July
  • RCSI Representative
    Prof. C Bolger 2019 - 2022
  • Chair of the SSB RCSEd
    Mr W Taylor appointed 2015
  • EANS/WFNS Reps
    Prof C Bolger 2015-2019 Oct
    Mr J. Timothy 2018-2022 June
  • NICE Co-Ordinator 
    Prof. N Gurusinghe appointed  2011 Oct
  • Trainee Representative (Chair of the BNTA)
    Mr A Jayasekera  2018 – 2020 April
  • Lay Representative 
    Ms S Woodward 2010 -2020 July

 Invited Members  - Sub-Specialty Leads  

 Skull base
 Academic Committee Chair
 Editor of the British   Journal  Neurosurgery

 Mr R Edwards
 Prof. K  Ashkan
 Mr D. Bulters
 Prof. M. Wilson
 Mr P. Plaha
 Mr I Robertson
 Mr N Haden
 Mr M. Jenkinson
 Mr P. Mitchell
 Ms H. Fernandes


Last Updated: 20 September 2019