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The SBNS Officers and Council members are elected by the full members of the Society. The President of the Society is an invited member the Council of the Federation of Surgical Specialties of Great Britain and Ireland and of the Surgical Forum.

The Society is  represented on the Specialist Advisory Committee in Neurosurgery to the Joint Committee on Higher Surgical Training and on the Intercollegiate Examination Board for the Specialist Fellowship in Neurosurgery. Links with the Department of Health are maintained through membership of the Joint Neuroscience Council.

The Society is also a member organisation of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies and of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies


Remit: To govern the Society of British Neurological Surgeons. Council Meetings are held four times a year.

The AGM is held during the SBNS Autumn Meeting.

Council and Business Meeting dates 

Council Members



  President  - Sept 2020 -2022
Mr Alistair Jenkins 
  Dept of Neurosurgery
  Royal Victoria Infirmary
  Newcastle-upon-TyneNE1 4LP


  Immediate Past President  - Sept 2020-2021
  Mr Neil Kitchen FRCS(SN) FRCSEd 
  Victor Horsley Dept of Neurosurgery
  The National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery
  Queen Square



  Vice Presient and NNAP Lead - Sept 2018 - 2021
  Mr Nick Phillips
  Dept of Neuosurgery
  The Leeds General Infirmary
  Great George Street
  Leeds LS1 3EX


 Honorary Treasurer -  Jan 2019 - 2023
 Mr Nigel Mendoza  
 The Bays
 South Wharf Rd
 London W2 1NY


 Honorary Secretary - September 2019 - 2023
 Mr Paul Grundy
 Wessex Neurological Centre
 Southampton General Hospital
 Tremona Road
 SO16 4YD



 Meetings & Communication Secretary - Sept - 2016 -  2021
 Mr Mark Wilson 
 Imperial Hospitals NHS Trust
 St Mary’s Hospital
 Prad Street 
 London W2 1NY                           



 Meetings & Communication Secretary - Sept - 2016 -  2021
 Ms Catherine Gilkes 
 Dept of Neurosurgery
 The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust
 Lower Lane
 Liverpool L9 7LJ



Last Updated: 3 August 2021