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SBNS is unable to give medical advice or recommend neurosurgeons. Please use an appropriate support group or your GP.

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The management of neurosurgical patients requires excellent medical and surgical skills, a career in Neurosurgery offers many challenges and rewards.

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Vascular Guideline May 2022

pdf_icon.gif Guidance and standard for:
1. Recognition and initial management of emergency vascular injury as a complication of adult spine surgery
2. Provision of emergency vascular cover for spine surgery services

Produced by the British Association of Spinal Surgeons, Society of British Neurological Surgeons, British Scoliosis Society and Vascular Society for Great Britain and Ireland 

pdf_icon.gif UK Neurosurgery Workforce Report 2020

The attached workforce report has been collated from data collected in March 2020 from UK Neurosurgical Units and provides a valuable snap shot of the current situation.

Site Infection - June 2019

pdf_icon.gif SBNS Advice on Neurosurgery Related Surgical Site Infection 

Cauda Equina Sydrome - Dec 2018

pdf_icon.gif Standards of Care for Investigation and Management of Cauda Equina Syndrome 

The SBNS and the British Association of Spinal Surgeons (BASS) has developed a guideline to be used for the management of patients with suspected or confirmed Cauda Equina Syndrome. 

This document has been  circulated to all those involved with the assessment and management of patients with this condition.  The standard provides support for the immediate assessment and imaging (MRI) for such patients and their timely transfer for decompressive surgery.

Low Volume Surgery - January 2018

pdf_icon.gif Recommendations for Low Volume Surgery Jan 2018

pdf_icon.gif Recommendations for Low Volume Pituitary Surgery Jan 2018

Care Quality Statement - October 2015

pdf_icon.gif  SBNS Care Quality Statement - October 2015 
  Standards of care for elective and emergency neurosurgery

Wrong Site Surgery - October 2015

pdf_icon.gif  SBNS Wrong Site Surgery Policy - October 2015
Performing surgical procedures at an incorrect site or incorrect level has always been a major concern for all surgeons, including neurosurgeons. The SBNS has reviewed and updated it's guidance for avoidance of this problem. This updated guidance is listed above, and has been sent to all neurosurgical units and members of the SBNS. This does not represent a standards document, but does provide suggestions regarding steps that can be taken to try to avoid this potentially damaging complication.  

Last Updated: 24 May 2024


New optimal pathways of care available for services for people affected by neurological conditions
The National Neuroscience Advisory Group has published several optimal clinical pathways of care across a range of neurological conditions, including movement disorders, headache and facial pain, traumatic brain injury and functional neurological disorders. 

19 June 2023

Best practice in the management of epidural analgesia in the hospital setting
Sept 2020

Management of Perceived Devastating Brain Injury After Hospital Admission 
A Consensus Statement
January 2018

Devastating Brain Injury 
BJA article 2017 

The Surgical Forum
January 2016
pdf_icon.gif Choosing Wisely in Surgery 

Neurosurgical Commissioning
NHS England 2015


The NHS Confederation 
The UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum 

pdf_icon.gif Life After Brain Injury 

Summary of the Manifesto for Acquired Brain Injury Published by The United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum in July  2012 and endorsed by the SBNS

NHS Confederation Clinical responses to the downturn 2010

Seven medical specialties address how they can help tackle the NHS financial challenge
(section 4 referers to Neurosurgery)

Spinal Taskforce

Improving Spinal Care Project  March 2016
National Backpain Pathway
Regional Spinal Networks
Tool Kit for Spinal Surgery