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SBNS is unable to give medical advice or recommend neurosurgeons. Please use an appropriate support group or your GP.

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The management of neurosurgical patients requires excellent medical and surgical skills, a career in Neurosurgery offers many challenges and rewards.

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SBNS Support Line

On the 1st July the SBNS Launched a Support Line for Members.

Over the last couple of years the SBNS Officers have become aware of the increased pressure on medical professionals in their working environment both physically and mentally.  This has a knock on effect on fellow colleagues, patients and family life. 

The SBNS hopes that providing a Support Line that is totally unconnected to the speciality and NHS, in confidence, will help alleviate the stress and anxiety to some extent,  especially when one of our members are feeling vulnerable.

The line will be managed by Emily Borhan.  Emily is a law graduate with extensive academic and practical experience of working with surgical professionals in relation to all areas of medical law, negligence, professional liability and workplace issues within the healthcare sector. The service that Emily is providing to SBNS members is one that has been built up over many years of talking with surgeons, understanding their requirements and listening to their needs when they require support. Over the past few years she has decided to dedicate more time supporting those people who find themselves in difficult situations. This could include giving guidance on NHS Disciplinary Hearings, GMC investigations, HR investigations, bullying and harassment issues, workplace politics, private hospital disputes or stress in the workplace.

If you feel you need assistance on a particular matter, or simply need to talk to someone, please feel free to call Emily (she is available 24/7) on 07498322935 or email her directly in confidence at


Last Updated: 1 December 2023


About Emily Borhan

Emily currently she works for Medical Insurance Consultants, and is working alongside a variety of surgical schemes such as OTSIS, PRASIS, BAPRAS, and CBS.  Previously she has worked for MPI Group, DWF/Triton and supported scheme members through a full range of medical negligence issues.

More recently, Emily has had a growing interest in assisting surgeons with workplace related conflicts, and  has worked closely with medical professionals, assisting them through these complications, and has seen the effect it has on both their mental and physical wellbeing.  Emily is keen on providing a confidential, safe, helpline providing guidance on these issues.

The service that Emily is currently providing is one that has been built up over years of working with surgical schemes, understanding member's requirements, and dealing with the issues that unfortunately, arise within the job role.

Emily is available 24/7 and will be happy to have a chat and provide guidance where she can.

Emily Borhan
Medico-legal Adviser
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