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Friday 10th February

Please click here for the programme for the SBSN Research Day at the Royal College of Surgeons (England).

This proved to be a very successful day with good feedback and lively discussions. We plan to repeat in the future and would welcome any feedback and suggestions.



Many of the speakers kindly agreed to share their slides with SBNS members. Please see below

Research in Manchester    A King             pdf_icon.gif research in Manchester

NIHR - CRN                     J Sheffield        pdf_icon.gif CRN

BASICS Trial                   M Jenkinson      pdf_icon.gif BASICS

ROAM Trial                     M Jenkinson      pdf_icon.gif ROAM

DEX-CSDH Trial               E Edlmann        pdf_icon.gif dex_CSDH

Neuro oncology              C Watts            pdf_icon.gif Neurosurgical_Oncology

NERVES Trial                  M Wilby            pdf_icon.gif NERVES

Neurotrauma at Kings     C Tolias             pdf_icon.gif Neurotrauma_at_Kings

Research Manager          C Turner           pdf_icon.gif SBNS_Research_Manager

BNTRC                          A Chari             pdf_icon.gif BNTRC_Update

IDEAL Collaborative         D Beard            pdf_icon.gif IDEAL

NIHR trainees                 K Lee               pdf_icon.gif NIHR research training opportunities

James Lind Alliance         B Maeso            pdf_icon.gif James_Lind_Alliance

BMJ                             T Groves           pdf_icon.gif getpublished

Lancet                         N Lee                pdf_icon.gif publish in the Lancet

Conduct of trials            A Kolias              pdf_icon.gif conduct of clinical trials

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