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Y_Al_Tamimi.jpgYahia Al-Tamimi

Mr Al-Tamimi completed his medical training in 2002 and graduated with honours from the University of Leeds. He gained membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of England following training in Preston and Cambridge. He was subsequently placed onto a post-graduate neurosurgical training program in Leeds General Infirmary and gained entry to the specialist register for Neurosurgery in 2013.....


Ian Anderson

Mr Ian Anderson is a Consultant Neurosurgeon at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Leeds. His clinical practice focuses on neurovascular and skull base neurosurgery. He has previously published on a variety of neurosurgical topics. Current clinical research projects include those focussed on: subarachnoid haemorrhage, traumatic brain injury, and meningioma. Mr Anderson is a local PI for several multi-centre trials as well as supervising several research projects in Leeds. 



Vasileios Arzoglou

Mr Arzoglou is a Consultant Neurosurgeon with a special interest in minimal invasive spinal surgery. His current post is as a NHS consultant neurosurgeon at Hull Royal Infirmary. His research interests include stem cells migration, and computational biomechanics. He has published in 2016 the first prospective study in Europe for a minimal invasive spinal fusion technique and is currently working on........


Kristian Aquilina

Kristian Aquilina is a paediatric neurosurgeon at Great Ormond Street Hospital. His research interests are hydrocephalus, paediatric neuro-oncology and spasticity, particularly selective dorsal rhizotomy. 

K._Ashkan.jpg Keyoumars Ashkan

Professor Ashkan is the Professor of Neurosurgery at King's College Hospital, London. His main research interests are in functional neurosurgery and neuro-oncology, including the effect of deep brain stimulation on motor aspects of Parkinson's disease; optimisation of surgical targetting for movement disorders.....



T_Aziz_image.jpgTipu Aziz

Professor Tipu Aziz is the founder and head of Oxford functional neurosurgery. His primate work was central to confirming the subthalamic nucleus as a possible surgical target for deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease and more recently the pedunculopontine nucleus. Oxford Functional Neurosurgery is currently one of the busiest centres for such surgery in the UK and academically very productive. His research interests.....


Sanj Bassi

Mr Bassi is a Consultant Neurosurgeon who has an interest in both adult and paediatric neurosurgery, although the bulk of his practice is with children. His paediatric expertise includes brain tumours, hydrocephalus, neuro-endoscopy, insertion of baclofen pumps, spina bifida, spinal cord untethering, ecepholocoeles, cranio-facial surgery for craniosynostosis, head injuries, antenatal advice on congenital abnormalities, arterio-venous malformation and aneurysmal sub-arachnoid haemorrhage.



 Paul Brennan

 Paul is Reader and Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon at the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian. He combines an active neurosurgical practice with clinical and laboratory research. His clinical work focuses on operative management of people with brain tumours. His research incorporates data science to understand relevant clinical problems, the solutions to which he develops through a combination of discovery science and clinical trials. He is CI of the DENS study, and part of the CRUK  Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence.



 Robert Brownstone

Prof Rob Brownstone was appointed as BRT Chair of Neurosurgery, Professor and Head of the Division of Neurosurgery at the Institute of Neurology, University College London in 2015.

 Prior to that, he held the Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Spinal Cord Circuits, and was a Professor of Surgery (Neurosurgery) and Medical Neuroscience at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada.......


D_Bulters.jpgDiederik Bulters

Diederik Bulters is a vascular neurosurgeon with a research interest in traumatic and haemorrhagic brain injury. The central themes to his research are the mechanisms of poor outcome following haemorrhagic stroke and particularly the deleterious effects of haemoglobin and how these may be ameliorated. Working in close conjunction with collaborators at the university and industry trying to steer several new therapeutics.......



P_Byrne.jpg Paul Byrne 

Paul Byrne was appointed as a consultant in Nottingham in 1995. He is the lead Clinician East Midlands         Region for Neuro-Oncology. He has taken part in national and international trials involving blood-brain barrier drugs, gliadel and gene therapy.



D_Choi.jpg David Choi

David Choi graduated from Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and clinical studies at Edinburgh University. He completed basic surgical training at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, and started Neurosurgical training at the Glasgow Institute of Neurological Sciences. He obtained a PhD in neuroregeneration at the National Institute for Medical Research, London, and completed higher surgical training in Neurosurgery.....


Paul Chumas

Paul Chumas is a consultant neurosurgeon in Leeds, he has over 100 publications to date - mainly in paediatric neurosurgery (but also adult neurosurgery). My areas of special interest include: Hydrocephalus, CNS tumours, epilepsy surgery, craniofacial surgery, awake surgery, head injury.


C_Cowie.jpgChris Cowie

Chris Cowie is a Consultant Paediatric and Adult Neurosurgeon in the Great North Children's Hospital and Royal Victoria Infirmary, in Newcastle upon Tyne. His basic and higher surgical training has been in the North East and he completed a year-long fellowship in paediatric neurosurgery and epilepsy surgery at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.......

Giles CritchleG_Critchley.jpgy

Giles Critchley is a consultant neurosurgeon at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS trust and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at  Brighton and Sussex Medical School. His MD was in cerebral ischaemia following subarachnoid haemorrhage. Research interests include management of patients with high grade gliomas, outcome following spinal surgery and cerebral blood flow in the microcirculation. Local research collaborations with CISC, SHORE-C and School of Biological Sciences at the University of Sussex.


Charles Davis

C_Davis.jpgCharles Davis has been a consultant neurosurgeon in Preston for more than 20 years.  His special interests are in relation to spinal problems and also brain tumours. He is currently Vice-President and President of the British Neuro-oncology Society which is a society for patients with brain tumours and includes members of the public, patients, scientists as well as doctors.  In 1989 we introduced the first commercially .......


Andreas Demetriades

Andreas Dementriades is a consultant neurosurgeon and honorary senior lecturer in Edinburgh. His areas of interest include spinal disorders (outcome measures for Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy; C2 fractures; Oncology (primary/metastatic/intradural); all aspects of degenerative/trauma/oncology/infection, trigeminal neuralgia , Neuro-oncology: outcome measures of awake vs IOM techniques, Neurotrauma and training.


Vivian Elwell

Vivian Elwell is a consultant neurosurgeon with an interest in complex spinal surgery at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. She earned a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences at Columbia College, Columbia University and a MA from the University of Cambridge. During her Columbia University Research Fellowship, she investigated Hox Genes, which are involved in spinal ........


J_Fitzgerald.jpgJames Fitzgerald

James Fitzgerald is working on implanted electronic devices that interface directly with parts of the nervous system. At present his main research focus is on the development of a novel type of interface capable of recording signals from motor axons in severed peripheral nerves after amputation, with the aim of using these signals to control sophisticated prosthetic limbs. This requires advances in several areas including.....



Tom Flannery

Tom Flannery is a consultant neurosurgeon with a specialty interest in neuro-oncology and stereotactic radiosurgery based in Belfast and with an honorary contract at Leeds Gamma Knife Centre where he treats NI patients. He is the Clinical Lead for the regional neuro-oncology MDT and also involved in ......



K_Gnanalingham.jpgKanna Gnanalingham

After studying medicine in Manchester, Kanna Gnanalingham completed his neurosurgical training in London. He was appointed as a consultant neurosurgeon at the Greater Manchester Neuroscience Centre in 2005. His sub-specialty interests include pituitary, anterior skull base and complex spinal surgery, utilising minimally invasive techniques. He is the head consultant for pituitary surgery in Manchester and introduced...


J_Goodden.jpgJohn Goodden

Mr John Goodden is a consultant neurosurgeon at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Leeds. He has a combined paediatric and adult neurosurgery practice. He contributes to international neuro-oncology through the SIOPE Brain Tumour Group and European Low Grade Glioma Group. His research interests include Neuro-oncology (especially LGG / awake craniotomy, and paediatric brain tumours), hydrocephalus & neuro-endoscopy, spasticity treatment .....


Alex_Green_image.pngAlex Green

Alex Green's main aim is to research and develop the field of autonomic control using brain manipulation. This fits in with his clinical work that includes deep brain stimulation of a number of brain targets for conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, tremor, and chronic pain. His research has focussed on the autonomic effects of midbrain stimulation including alteration of blood pressure, respiratory and bladder......


A_Helmy.jpgAdel Helmy

Adel Helmy is a University Lecturer, University of Cambridge and Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon, Addenbrooke’s Hospital. He has an interest in neuroinflammation in traumatic brain injury, as a potential target for therapeutic interventions. He also has an interest in clinical research in meningioma, skull base and vascular neurosurgery.


C_Hill.jpgCiaran Hill

Ciaran Hill is an academic Neurosurgeon at Queen's Square and Honorary Associate Professor at UCL Cancer Institute. Subspeciality focus on Neurosurgical Oncology.  PhD from University of Cambridge (Jesus College) on Molecular Mechanisms of Axonal Injury.  Research interests include fundamental biological processes in neuro-oncology (and trauma), and application of novel technologies in both research and.....

J_Holland.jpg Jeremy Holland

Jeremy Holland is a graduate of St George's Medical School with a 1st class Honours BSc in embryology. His neurosurgical training took place in London and Newcastle. He was awarded a Masters in experimental stroke model under Professor A Bell.  He has been a neurosurgeon at the Greater Manchester Neurosciences Centre, Salford Royal Hospital since 1998. His special interests are vascular and ..........


pjh_image_2020.jpgPeter Hutchinson

Peter Hutchinson BSc (Hons), MBBS, PhD (Cantab), FRCS (Surg Neurol) is Professor of Neurosurgery, NIHR Research Professor and Head of the Division of Academic Neurosurgery within the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Cambridge. He holds an Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon post at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. He is also Director of Clinical Studies at Robinson College, Cambridge.


A_Ibrahim.jpgAhmed Ibrahim

Ahmed  Ibrahim graduated from St Bartholomew's and The Royal London Hospital and completed neurosurgical training at the North Thames London deanery.  Mr Ibrahim then went on to complete a fellowship in spinal surgery in Toronto, Canada under Professor Fehlings. Mr Ibrahim was awarded a PhD in axonal regeneration using stem cells from UCL.  He is currently a consultant neurosurgeon at Queens hospital and also continues his research activities in clinical and basic science research. 


M_Ivanov.jpgMarcel Ivanov

Marcel Ivanov is a consultant neurosurgeon and honorary senior lecturer in Sheffield.  He is sub-specialty Lead for Spine. His spinal practice includes treatment of spinal trauma, infection and tumours, and all aspects of degenerative spinal disease including disc prolapse and spinal stenosis.....


Gregory_James.JPG Gregory James

Mr James is a Consultant Neurosurgeon (Great Ormond Street Hospital) and Honorary Senior Lecturer (Institute of Child Health, University College London). He has a PhD in Cellular Neurophysiology undertaken in the field of glial cell calcium signalling.  He presented and published research in several areas of .....



M_Javadpour.jpgMohsen Javadpour

Mohsen Javadpour is a consultant neurosurgeonin in Dublin with an academic interest in subarachnoid haemorrhage, brain aneurysms and vascular malformations, pituitary tumours and craniopharyngiomas



David Jellinek

The Sheffield neurosurgery unit has two fields of research interest extending back over the tenure of David Jellinek, the CNS oncology lead. One laboratory based, the second clinical imaging. We have published basic science research on telomere biology and survival in GBM. We have an active basic science research programme in collaboration with Dr S Collis – Reader in molecular oncology University of Sheffield. This research is specifically interested in targeting dysregulated DNA repair pathways in glioma – specifically the Fanconi pathway. We have an active advanced imaging collaboration with the University of Sheffield – investigating clinical application advanced MRI imaging techniques for glioma.


M_Jenkinson_image.pngMichael Jenkinson

Michael Jenkinson is the Professor of neurosurgery and honorary consultant neurosurgeon at the University of Liverpool and Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust.  He sub-specialises in neurosurgical oncology including awake craniotomy, intraventricular / pineal tumours and stereotactic radiosurgery. His research interests include imaging and biology of gliomas, cerebral metastases and meningoma, and clinical studies on quality of life in brain tumours. 



 Konstantina Karabatsou

 Tina Karabatsou has been a Consultant Neurosurgeon at Salford Royal Hospital since 2007 and is the    Clinical Lead for the Neuro-oncology service. She received her medical degree from the University of Athens   and trained in Neurosurgery in Greece and United Kingdom and undertook a specialist fellowship at Toronto  Western Hospital in Canada....


rod_laing.jpg Rodney Laing

Rodney Laing was appointed as a Consultant Neurosurgeon, with an interest in spinal neurosurgery, at Addenbrookes Hospital in 1995. Since then his practice has expanded to include both complex spinal neurosurgery and minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery, which can often be performed as a day case.  Rod specialises in the treatment of degenerative disease, trauma, tumours and syringomyelia.....


John Leach

John Leach is a Consultant Neurosurgeon in  Manchester. His sub-specialty Interests are Spine and Neuro-oncology. He was the Clinical Lead 2012-15 and the sub-specialty Lead for Spine. He completed his neurosurgical training in Oxford and Melbourne. His research interests are Saccadic eye movements,  Gliomas, Lumbar disc disease, Intramedullary spine tumours


D_MacArthur.jpgDonald MacArthur

Consultant and Hon Associate Professor at Nottingham University Hospital. Interests - Oncology / Paediatrics / Hydrocephalus. Local PI for Rescue ICP and BASICS. SIOP Ependymoma trials. Research on bactiseal, intrathecal drug delivery, outcomes in Ependymoma, mechanism of metastasis in medulloblastoma, tumour imaging and posterior fossa syndrome.

edward-mckintosh.jpgEdward McKintosh

Edward McKintosh is a Consultant Neurosurgeon at the Royal London Hospital with a subspecialist interest in neuro-oncology and neuroendoscopy and a research interest in neuro-oncology.



H_Marcus.jpg    Hani Marcus    

   Hani Marcus is an academic consultant neurosurgeon at the National Hospital for Neurology and the UCL     Queen Square Institute of Neurology. His clinical interest is in “keyhole” endoscopic neurosurgical approaches. His research interest, and the subject of his doctoral thesis under Prof Lord Darzi,is the development and evaluation of new devices that makes these keyhole approaches more safe and effective, includingaugmented reality, robotics and artificial intelligence


Ryan Mathew

Ryan Mathew is Associate Professor in Neurosurgery and Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon at the University of Leeds and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. He sub-specialises in neurosurgical oncology including low- and high-grade gliomas, awake craniotomy, meningiomas and robot-assisted neurosurgery. He leads and provides strategy.....


Nitin Mukerji

Nitin Mukerji is a Consultant Neurosurgeon at James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough. After training in the Northern Deanery, he completed a Cerebrovascular and Skull base fellowship at Stanford University, was a visiting fellow at UCSF and obtained a masters in applied statistics.  Prior to joining Neurosurgery.... residency


M_Papadopoulos_image.jpgMarios Papadopoulos

Marios Papadopoulos is the Professor of Neurosurgery at St Georges, University of London. His research interests are aquaporin water channels (Nat Rev Neurosci 2013;14:265-77) and neuro-monitoring after spinal cord injury (Crit Care Med 2014;42:646-55). His clinical interests are complex spinal surgery and vascular neurosurgery.



Erlick Pereira

Mr Pereira is Reader in Neurosurgery at St George's, University of London and Affiliated Professor at the University of Porto.  His clinical subspecialties are functional and complex spinal surgery.  His main research interests are movement disorders, pain, spinal injury, deep brain stimulation, neuromodulation, radiofrequency lesioning and neural interfaces. 



S_Price.jpgStephen Price

My research uses both MRI and PET imaging methods to study heterogeneity in brain tumours. I am particularly interested in both the invasive margin and the response of tumours to therapy. My work with diffusion tensor imaging has produced a method of identifying the invasive margin of gliomas. This has been confirmed histologically and is able to identify patterns of tumour progression and the time to........



T_Santarius_image.jpgThomas Santarius

Thomas Santarius' research focuses on fundamental biology of cancer and molecular genetics of brain tumours. He has described aspects of genomic amplifications at DNA sequence level, classified genomic amplifications in human cancer, described a novel human amplified cancer gene GLO1 and contributed to recent discovery of novel meningioma genes. Currently he is focussing on understanding the natural......



S_Smith_image.jpgStuart Smith

Stuart Smith currently works as Clinical Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at Nottingham University Hospitals. His research interests include both translational laboratory and clinical neuro-oncological work. He leads projects focusing mainly on high grade glioma, with his PhD studying angiogenesis in paediatric glioblastoma. He continues to work on paediatric glioblastoma, particularly microRNA control of the hypoxic...


M_Teo.jpgMario Teo

Mario Teo is a Consultant Neurosurgeon and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Bristol Institute of Clinical Neuroscience, North Bristol University Hospital, having completed a Cerebrovascular and Skull Base fellowship at Stanford University, California, USA. He has a special interest in minimally invasive neurosurgery (cranial and spine), management of skull base tumours and vascular pathologies.......


simon_thomson_image.pngSimon Thomson

Mr Thomson's academic interests are in two areas: post-graduate neurosurgical education and clinical high grade tumour research. Mr Thomson is the neurosurgical lead for an international online elearning programme ebrain , he has developed an annual formative in-training exam in neurosurgery and is Chief Investigator for the FORVAD trial....



Martin Tisdall

Martin Tisdall is a paediatric neurosurgeon at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Child Health, UCL. He completed an MD in multimodal monitoring of traumatic brain injury. His research interests are paediatric epilepsy surgery, image guided surgery, advanced imaging techniques and traumatic brain injury.


Nicholas Todd

In 1983-1984 Nicholas Todd was a Medical Research Council training fellow in Neurosurgery undertaking experimental research in the area of ischaemic cerebrovascular disease.  He has subsequently undertaken clinical research in various areas including haemorrhagic cerebrovascular disorders, head injury, spinal disorders, brain tumours, trauma and image-guided surgery.  He has published a higher degree and have over 100 neurosurgical publications or abstracts. He  continues to publish papers in academic journals, up to 6 publications each year.


C_Tolias.jpgChristos Tolias

Christos Tolias is a consultant neurosurgeon at King's College Hospital, London. He is the second supervisor (1 PhD student ) Prof Goadsby. Imaging of SDs in TBI and Migraine. He is the first supervisor for one 1 PhD student: Title of project: “Investigation of cellular metabolic responses to Normobaric hyperoxia in an in-vitro model of traumatic brain injury”. Supervisor: Christos Tolias & JM Gallo Thesis Awarded 2011.



Rikin Trivedi

Rikin Trivedi has specialist interests in spinal, cerebrovascular and skull base surgery having received sub-speciality fellowship training in these areas in the USA. Whilst on fellowship, he gained proficiency in minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery techniques and performed the first keyhole lumbar discectomy......


K_Tsang.jpgKevin Tsang

Kevin Tsang graduated from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals and undertook specialty training in Plymouth and Bristol. His is currently a consultant at Imperial College with subspecialty interests in craniofacial and spinal trauma and hydrocephalus, which are also his research interests. He is active in education, helping with many trauma-related courses and conferences both at deanery and the Royal College of Surgeons levels and has been a keynote speaker at a handful of international symposia.



Laurence Watkins

Laurence Watkins is a Consultant Neurosurgeon at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Queen Square, London and clinical lead for hydrocephalus. He is the current President of the International Society for Hydrocephalus and CSF Disorders. Research interests include all aspects of adult hydrocephalus and CSF dynamics, as well as CSF biomarkers and intracranial pressure monitoring




Colin Watts

Colin Watts’ research group aims to improve the treatment and survival of patients with Glioblastoma (GB) by understanding the molecular genetic heterogeneity of individual tumours and using that data to develop a novel molecular stratification of GB suitable for application in clinical trial design......



L_Zrinzo.jpgLudvic Zrinzo

Professor Zrinzo is Head of the UCL Unit of Functional Neurosurgery at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London. He completed neurosurgical training in London and two specialist fellowships in London and at UCLA, Los Angeles. His research includes the use of imaging to improve the safety, accuracy and efficacy of stereotactic functional neurosurgery and investigation of new brain targets and indications for surgery....

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