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Deciding where to go

Talk to people in your own training centre, they are likely to have contacts.  Consider what you want to do whilst abroad, there must be an educational component (for you) to be able to justify this.  You should also consider the social, health and financial risks carefully. Although you are likely to get a lot out of a visit like this, it is not for everyone and it is not a requirement of training.

Taking time Out of Programme (OOPs)

Most periods abroad in LICs and LMICs are arranged under the OOPE or OOPR regulations. See the Gold guide for the current rules.


Funding can be a problem.  You might like to consider the following funding sources;

FIENS  Fiens

British Neurosurgical Trainees Association  BNTA


Prospective Centres in LICs and LMICs

Please contact us if you would be able to host a UK trainee for a short period of training but please note this is subject to an assessment of your service to ensure it is able to provide high quality training in a safe environment.

Last Updated: 1 December 2023