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The SBNS has established up to 10 bursaries of £500 each per year to facilitate undergraduate medical student elective periods in Neurosurgery.

Although not prescribed it is anticipated that the format would involve an elective visit of 2-4 weeks to a Neurosurgical centre. Eligibility is restricted to undergraduates at UK medical schools.

Application is via the SBNS administrator and will be considered by SBNS officers whose recommendation will be ratified by council.

Applications will require:

1. A one-page statement from the candidate of intention, objectives and an indicative budget.
2. A reference from the candidate's medical school
3. A letter of agreement from the host unit

All three documents must be placed together in ONE document and  sent to:

Carole Turner
SBNS Research Development & Clinical Trials Manager  with a short covering email.


Closing date for the next round 31st March 2022

It is a condition of the bursary that a short report (not more than 2 pages A4) is provided, to include the candidate's assessment of the value of the placement. The SBNS would also be pleased to receive the host unit's assessment of the visit.


Previous Winners


A. Fung - Report of elective - A Fung

S. Thavarajasingam

R. Vardanyan

L. Al-Nusair

C. Peat


H. Carr - Report of elective - H Carr

A. Ansaripour - Report of elective - A Ansaripour

J. Salem - Report of elective - J Salem

G. Samarth - Report of elective - cancelled due to Covid-19

H. Thomas - Report of elective - H Thomas

N. Oskooee - Report of elective - N Oskooee

K. Khatib - Report of elective - K Khatib

C. Tse - Report of elective - C Tse

C. Horton - Report of elective - C Horton

H. Sanghvi - Report of elective - cancelled due to Covid-19


H. Sadik - Report of elective - H Sadik

S. Kayhanian - Report of elective - S Kayhanian

A. Willison - Report of elective - A Willison

N. Akram - Report of elective - N Akram

J. Ashby - Report of elective - J Ashby

M. Khan - Report of elective - M Khan

S. Williams - Report of elective - S Williams

E. Bader - Report of elective - E Bader

S. Gnanakumar - Report of elective - S. Gnanakumar

J. Blickwedel - Report of elective - J Blickwedel


J. Attwood - Report of elective - J Attwood

M. Leadon - Report of elective - M Leadon

S. Patel - Report of elective - S Patel

L. Chenciner - Report of elective -  L Chenciner

D. Roberts - Report of elective- D Roberts


P. Rogers - Report of Elective - P Rogers

U. Rahman - Report of Elective - U Rahman

M. Sethi - Report of Elective - M Sethi

J. Kahan - Report of Elective -  J Kahan

A. Devnani - Report of Elective - A Devnani


D. Weinberg -  Report of Elective -  D Weinberg

C. Gelder  - Report of Elective - C Gelder 

R. Michael -  Report of Elective -  R Michael

N. Jayakumar - Report of Elective - N Jayakumar

2014 * (5 were awarded due to the high standard!)

R. Piper -  Report of Elective  - R. Piper 

M. Hollingworth

A. Craig-McQuaide - Report of Elective - A.Craig-McQuaide

M. Kaur

C.  Milward


H. Bhatt -  Report of Elective  - H. Bhatt   Host

A. Anzak


B. Gaastra

S. Acharya 


T. Doke

O. Richards


D. McGregor

U. Khan


R. Fanous

V.  Nowak

Last Updated: 2 December 2021