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All essays should follow the relevant guidelines below and be submitted to Carole Turner 


Campbell-Connolly Neurotrauma Prize

Deadline for submission 31 October 2022

Prize will be announced Spring 2023

The winner will get an opportunity to present their paper at an SBNS meeting  

The  Campbell-Connolly Neurotrauma Prize was introduced in 2009 and is awarded by the Society of British Neurological Surgeons following a generous bequest from Mr Campbell Connolly, retired Barts Neurosurgeon who sadly passed away aged 90 on August 15 2009.  The value of the award is £1,000 and will be awarded every two years.

The eligibility criteria for the prize are as follows:-

  • Neurosurgeons either in training or recently appointed Consultants (within the last 5 years)
  • Manuscripts should comprise either laboratory or clinical research relevant to either cranial or spinal neurotrauma
  • The applicants should make a declaration stating that he or she has performed most of the work, led the project, and that such work was mainly undertaken in the UK/Ireland
  • A letter to this effect from the candidate’s Head of Department should also be attached detailing the applicant's role
  • Manuscripts may contain research which is unpublished, submitted for publication, in press or published.  The text of the essay should not be a direct facsimile of the manuscript submitted for publication, in press or published.  This will ensure that the winning essay can be published on the SBNS website without breach of copyright. Figures should either be redrawn or copyright permission provided.
  • A short curriculum vitae. 

The papers will be judged by members of the British Neurotrauma Group and SBNS Academic Committee.




Ms F Hogg from London for her paper entitled: Acute severe traumatic spinal cord injury: improving urinary bladder function by optimising spinal cord perfusion


Mr C Hill from Cambridge for his paper entitled:Highwire is a novel target that protects against the effects of traumatic brain injury

This prize was presented at the SBNS Spring meeting in Manchester by Mr Neil Kitchen


Mr D Baxter from St George's Hospital, London for his paper entitled: Blast injury in pigs

The prize was presented at the SBNS Spring Meeting in Oxford by Mr Richard Kerr


Mr S Harrison from Southampton General Hospital for his paper entitiled: Quantitative assessment of the effect of severe traumatic brain injury on markers of CNS injury in human patients.


Mr A Ahmed from Southampton General Hospital for his paper entititled: Stem cell activation following traumatic brain injury 

The prize was presented at the SBNS Spring Meeting in Sheffield by Mr Peter Hutchinson.


Mr I Timofeev  from Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge,  for his paper entitled: Cerebral extracellular chemistry and outcome following traumatic brain injury: a microdialysis study of 223 patients.  

The prize was presented at the SBNS Spring Meeting in Bristol in  March 2011 by Prof. Sir Graham Teasdale.


Mr M Tisdall, from the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery, was awarded the prize for his paper entitled: Normobaric hyperoxia increases cerebral aerobic metabolism after traumatic brain injury

The prize was presented at the SBNS  Spring Meeting in Birmingham in April 2009 by Mr Campbell Connolly. 

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