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The SBNS will provide approximately 5 bursaries a year, each worth £2,000 to help trainee neurosurgeons from outside the European Community visit British Neurosurgical Departments as observers for a minimum of four to six weeks. Further bursaries may be awarded but will be considered on a case by case basis.

This will be limited to a maximum of one bursary per year from any neurosurgical unit.

Bursary applications will now be reviewed twice a year. The deadline for applications will be 28th February and 31st August. Applications can be submitted at any time but will be held until the next review.

Trainee neurosurgeons who would like to apply for one of these bursaries should apply in writing to: Carole Turner, SBNS Research Development & Clinical Trials Manager This bursary is not open to consultants.

Applications will need to be accompanied by a cv and two references:

  1. From the head of the department in the non-EU country where the trainee is training recommending that he come to the UK as an observer and confirming that he has good spoken English
  2. From a consultant neurosurgeon in the UK department which the applicant would like to attend as an observer. The latter reference must also include an undertaking by the UK consultant to be responsible for the trainee whilst in the UK and to provide the necessary letter of invitation for obtaining a visa

The applicants first need to arrange an observership with a UK consultant which will include accommodation etc., they may have to pay for themselves depending on local circumstances. It would be up to the UK consultant to agree the observer ship with his/her Trust. Once this has been set up then the SBNS can consider contributing £2,000 to the costs, which can be put towards travel, accommodation, living expenses etc.

After completing the visit the consultant responsible for the trainee whilst in the UK and the trainee themselves should complete the Report Form together,  outlining what he/she has gained from the visit and submit it to the SBNS Office.


2019      Stas Doroshenco from Moldova (Sheffield - sponsor Saurabh Sinha)

             Salman SHaikh from Mumbai (Cambridge - sponsor T Santarius)

             Ahmed Mohamed Elbelkasy from Egypt (St George's, London - sponsor E Pereira) - Report on the visit

             Sanjaya Perera from Sri Lanka (Aberdeen - sponsor Pragnesh Bhatt)

             Siddharth Vankipuram from Mumbai (Liverpool - sponsor Katie Gilkes)

             Chirag Solanki from Gujarat, India (Oxford - sponsor Tipu Aziz) - Report on the visit

2018     Andronic Mihai from Moldova (Sheffield- sponsor Marcel Ivanov) - Report on the visit

            Juan Bosco Gonzales Torres from Nicaragua (Cardiff - sponsor Ms C Hayhurst) - Report on the visit

            Olga Testemitanu from Moldova (Liverpool - sponsor Ms K Gilkes) - Report on the visit

            Veekshith Shetty from Bangalore (Aberdeen - sponsor Mr P Bodkin)

            Zahid Raihan from Bangladesh (Oxford - sponsor Prof T Aziz)

            Altaf Alilghari from Karachi (St George's - sponsor Mr H Marsh) - Report on the visit

           Taras Mykytyn from the Ukraine (GOS - sponsor Mr H Marsh)

2017   *Tatiana Ojer from Cuba (Oxford - sponsor Prof T Aziz)

           *This bursary has been jointly funded by Prof Aziz and the SBNS

           Tran Minh Tri / Dung Quach Tien from Vietnam (Newcastle - sponsor Mr J Nissen)

           Rahmon Egamberdiyev from Uzbekistan (Sheffield - sponsor Mr M Ivanov) - Report on the visit

           Mahmoud Shoaib from Egypt (Cambridge - sponsor Mr R Trivedi) - Report on the visit

2016    Nyararai Togarepi from Zimbabwe (Sheffield - sponsor Mr M Ivanov)

           Samvel Sargsyan from Armenia (Sheffield - sponsor Mr S Sinha) - Report on the visit

           Adrian Ndroqi from Albania (St. George's Hospital - Sponsor Mr H  Marsh and Mr T Jones) 

           Plechov Sergei from Russia (Kings College - sponsor Mr C Tolias) - Report on the visit

2015   Mohamed Salama (Sheffield - sponsor Mr M Ivanov) - Report on the visit 

2014   Shikher Shrestha (St George's - sponsor Mr H Marsh)

          Ur Koray (St George's - sponsor Mr H Marsh)

2013   Mohammed Suheel (Aberdeen - sponsor Mr P Bhatt) - Report on the visit 

2012   Le Quan Chi Cuong (Oxford -sponsor Mr R Redfern) 

         Goktug Akyoldas (St George's - sponsor Mr H Marsh) - Report on the visit

          Bogdan B?l?nescu (Atkinson Morley - sponsor Mr H Marsh)

2011   Geldon Fejzo (Atkinson Morley - sponsor Mr H Marsh)

Last Updated: 2 December 2021