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Microscopic and Endoscopic Approaches to the Skull Base courses, IRCAD Institute, Strasbourg, France


Registration fees :

1300 euros - Registration can be done directly on

 Course directors: S. Froelich F
(Lariboisière Hospital in Paris), C. Debry F (University Hospital of Strasbourg)


K.A. Aziz USA, A. Bazin F, G. Brassier F, M. Cardarelli I, R.
Carrau USA, J. Casselman B, L. Cavallo I, A. Chays F, T. Civit F, J.
Cornelius D, J.C. De Battista ARG, J.L. Dietemann F, H. Dufour F, H.D.
Fournier F, S. Gaillard F, E. Gay F, F. Gentili CAN, B. George F, L.
Gilain F, P. Herman F, P; Jannetta USA, E. Jouanneau F, R. Kania F,
J.T. Keller USA, L. Laccourreye F, J. Lehmberg D, N. Levine USA, M.J. Link
USA, C.F. Litre F, C. Martins BR, M. McDermott USA, J. Morcos USA, J.J
Moreau F, M.L. Pensak USA, L. Regli L, A. Rhoton USA, P.H. Roche F, P.
Rousseaux F, D. Scavarda F, S. Schmerber F, R. Sekula USA, D. Solari I, C.
Teo AUS, J.M. Tew USA, P.V. Theodosopoulos USA, YK. Tu TW, H.R. Van
Loveren USA, F. Veillon F, A. Vijay USA, L. Zimmer USA

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Last Updated: 3 December 2021