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Limbic Brain Anatomy Course (2-day)

2 day event - 21-22 August 2014 - King’s College London, Guy’s Campus, London SE1  
Course director: Dr Paul Johns, BSc BM MSc FRCPath             

Advanced functional neuroanatomy course

Presented in a very clear, logical and memorable style

Focuses on the limbic lobe, hippocampus, amygdala, prefrontal cortex and 'limbic' loops of the basal ganglia

Includes the basal forebrain / substantia innominata, 'extended amygdala' and diffuse neurochemical systems

Emphasises core limbic brain structures of central importance in clinical neurology, psychiatry and the imaging neurosciences

Mean feedback score (July 2013): 4.9/5.0

Course fee: £295 (2-day course, includes refreshments and colour handbook)

For further information please contact Dr Gemma Northam:


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