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Submission line will open on 1st October 2021
Closing date for submission 1st December 2021 at 12:00 noon

Please complete this form in sentence case not blocked capitals

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Anonymity must be preserved. There must be nothing in the actual title or text of the abstract that may identify the origin of the abstract, i.e. name or location of unit. Failure to comply could result in the abstract being rejected.
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Please enter initials in the format "G.H." do not include the initial for the surname.

Please enter in this format: "Unit name, town, country" eg The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London, UK and Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK.

Please enter all authors. At least one of the authors must be a full member of the Society. If the presenting (first) author on an abstract is a non-member at least one of the co-authors should be a full member of the Society. If none of the authors are full members the presenting (first) author must liaise with a full member of the SBNS to be a sponsor and this should be recorded below. The Sponsor/Senior author MUST attend the meeting at the time of the presentation to support the presenter.

If you are from the Canadian Neurosurgical Society (our invited guests) you are exempt from the above rule. If you are a trainee neurosurgeon you should have at least one senior author as one of the co-authors of your abstract.
Please give details in this format: Initial. Surname, Institution, City, Country. eg J. Bloggs, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, UK.



All abstracts must be written in English and should be structured under the headings: Objectives, Design, Subjects, Methods, Results, Conclusions and References.

References should not be included. If they are vital then please limit to two. They should follow the standard British Journal of Neurosurgery format with Consecutive superscript numbering.

*The body of the abstract must be no longer than 300 words. Use only standard abbreviations and do not include figures or tables. Abstracts without details of the number of subjects studied, without results containing data, without clear conclusions, or without appropriate statistical analysis, will be given low priority.

If the results are based on a survey of opinion from neurosurgeons in the UK/Eire, please contact the SBNS office to confirm the survey was presented for consideration and received approval by the SBNS Scientific Meetings Committee.

You have a maximum of 300 words for the following fields combined.

Maximum of 2 – in Vancouver Style
Total remaining word count:

If this material has been presented elsewhere it can still be accepted but if published elsewhere it will only be published in the British Journal of Neurosurgery by title only.

Are there any patient confidentiality problems which may prevent your abstract being published in the current form?

The SBNS and the British Journal of Neurosurgery takes a very serious view of the issue of scientific probity.

Specifically the data presented in the abstract must match that subsequently presented at the meeting. Papers or Posters should not be withdrawn once the author has agreed to present. There must be no duplicate publication. All the authors listed must be aware of the submission.

If there are serious breaches of this standard the SBNS and the Journal will withdraw the abstract, inform all the authors and their sponsoring organisation. In the case of consultants this will be their Medical Director and for Trainees the Post Graduate Dean. Authors are reminded that scientific fraud is reportable to the General Medical Council. By ticking the box you are acknowledging that you have read and understood this position.