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Neurosurgical National Audit Programme

The Neurosurgical National Audit Programme (NNAP) was established by the Society of British Neurological Surgeons in 2013.  The aim of this programme is to engage units in a comprehensive audit programme that reflects the full spectrum of elective and emergency neurosurgical activity, and to provide a consistent and meaningful approach to reporting on national clinical audit and outcomes data.

NNAP as a key driver of quality improvement

The SBNS recognises national clinical audit as a key approach to improving patient care, outcomes, safety and experience and sees the NNAP as a key driver of this process. The first step in this process is the establishment of robust databases, audits and registries that can provide reliable data for accurate analyses and reporting.

NNAP Governance Committee

A NNAP Governance Committee has also been established comprising representatives from the  SBNS Council. The role of the NNAP Governance Committee will be to oversee the quality assurance of the programme; to liaise with regional units and advise on the management of outliers; to publish reports; and liaise with public bodies.

A formal performance monitoring process is outlined in the NNAP outlier policy.

NNAP informatics partner

In order to develop the high-level generic aspects of NNAP, the SBNS has chosen to partner with Northgate Public Services  The informatics team will provide technical and statistical services including the analysis of HES data together with the linkage of that data to SBNS specialist audits. The partnership will also support the provision of benchmarking data and reports at unit and individual surgeon level.  They are currently redeveloping the NNAP website and a link to the new site will be posted on this page when launched.

Consultant Level Outcomes Publication

An integral component of the Neurosurgical National Audit Programme is the Unit and Consultant Level Outcomes Publication Programme.  Whilst the Unit level outlier programme will go ahead after some risk adjustment modelling, the individual consultant outlier programme will be modified after statistical consultation.

For the first phase of this activity, the SBNS is working with Northgate to compile individual consultant and unit level reports based on HES data. The SBNS will ensure all neurosurgeons for whom data will be published will be given the opportunity to check and validate their data prior to publication. 

Public facing portal and surgeon profiles 

With the support of our informatics partner, the SBNS is directing the development of a public facing portal that will host consultant and unit level data.

For more information about the Neurosurgical National Audit Programme, please contact:

Last Updated: 1 December 2023

NNAP Outlier Policy

pdf_icon.gif   SBNS_OUTLIER_POLICY_V3.pdf


NNAP OPCS4 Coding spreadsheet

xls_icon.gif   NNAP_Casemix_OPCS4_Final.xlsx


NNAP Manual