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01 Dec 2014

On the 1st December the Society of British Neurological Surgeons will publish the first comprehensive national audit of the elective (planned) procedural mortality rates of consultant neurosurgeons in England and the whole practice mortality rates of 30 Regional Neurosurgical Units in England.

The outcome of over 90,000 episodes of neurosurgical care in 2012/13 has been reviewed. The mean national elective mortality rate attributed to individual consultant neurosurgeons was 0.4%. The mean whole practice mortality rate of units, which includes all deaths related to serious head injury and brain haemorrhage, was 2.6%. The performance of all surgeons and units was within the expected range.

This ground-breaking audit confirms the high standards of neurosurgical services provided to NHS patients. In future years the NNAP will develop and publish the results of audits that reflect the complex nature of neurosurgical diseases and treatments.

 Published results are available on the SBNS-NNAP website and on the NHS Choices website. 

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