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06 Mar 2014

NHS England has recently announced neurosurgery amongst three new specialties that will be included in the second round of individual consultant outcomes publication.  Neurosurgery will join the 10 specialties that last year published nationwide patient mortality results for individual consultants based on national clinical audit data. The publication date has yet to be confirmed but we are working towards an October/November deadline.

For the first phase of this activity, the SBNS is working with the University of Birmingham Hospitals informatics team to compile individual consultant and unit level reports based on HES data.  The procedures and quality indicators that will be published are yet to be finalised but will most likely include measures such as mortality, length of stay, and readmission rate.  This outcome data will be embedded within searchable consultant profiles on the SBNS website and on the NHS Choices website, as stipulated by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership. The SBNS will ensure all neurosurgeons for whom data will be published will be given the opportunity to check and validate their data prior to publication.  The SBNS President and Vice President will write to individual consultants and neurosurgical units in the coming weeks outlining what they need to do to engage in this process.

For more information about consultant level outcomes publication, visit the following page of the HQIP website:

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