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SBNS is unable to give medical advice or recommend neurosurgeons. Please use an appropriate support group or your GP.

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The management of neurosurgical patients requires excellent medical and surgical skills, a career in Neurosurgery offers many challenges and rewards.

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Elected Officers


Mr Paul May

2016- 2018 Sept

Immediate Past President 

Mr Richard Kerr

2016- 2017 Sept

Vice President 

Mr Tom Cadoux-Hudson

2016 - 2017  Sept



Mr Alistair Jenkins

2014 - 2018 Jan

Honorary Secretary

Mr John Thorne

2015 - 2019 Sept

Meetings Secretaries

Mr Mark Willson &
Ms Catherine Gilkes

2016- 2018 Sept

Elected Members of the SBNS Council
Mr J Nissen 2014-2019 July
Mr R Laing 2013-2018 Feb
Mr E Ballantyne 2013-2018 Feb
Mr W Harkness 2012-2017 July
Mr J Norris 2012-2017 July
Mr C. Watts 2016-2021 Oct
Mr N. Mendoza  2016-2021 Oct
Mr S. Basu 2016-2021 Oct
Mr C. Tolias 2016-2021 Oct
Mr M. Radatz 2017 - 2022 Jan
Ex-Officio Members of the Council
Chairman of National Neurosurgical Audit Programme (NNAP  
Mr R Nelson 2015-2017 Sept  
Chairman of Intercollegiate Examination Board  Chairman of SAC in Neurosurgery
Mr N Kitchen 2015 - 2018 Sept Mr P. Whitfield  2017-2020 Jan
RCS Council Rep & GIRFT Represenative EANS/WFNS Representatives
Mr N Phillips 2011–2016 July
Mr C Bolger 2015-2019 Sept

Mr R  Kirollos 2015-2019 Oct
Chair of the SSB of the RCSEd    
Mr W Taylor Jan 2016    
NICE Representative  
Mr N Gurusinghe appointed in October 2011
BNTA Representative  Lay Member
Mr D Barone    2016 –2018 April Mrs S Woodward 2010-2017 July
Invited Members to Council on a Rotational Basis to Report on their Sub-Specialty
Speciality Lead Sub-Speciality Organisation
Mr I Kamaly-Asi Paediatrics British Paediatric Neurosurgical Group (BPNG)
Prof. K. Ashkan Functional British Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery (BSSFN)

Mr D Walsh

Vascular British Neurovascular Group
Mr M Wilson Trauma British Neurotrauma Group
Prof P Hutchinson   Academic Neurosurgery The British Neurosurgical Research Group (BNRG)
Mr D Jellinek Oncology
British Neuro-Oncology Society
Mr N Thomas Skull base British Skull Base Society
Mr A Golash  Spine
British Association of Spine Surgeons
Mr C Mallucci Cerebrospinal fluid (BCSFG)

British Cerebrospinal Fluid Group


Finance Committee

Honorary Treasurer
Mr A Jenkins (Chair)


Mr P May


Honorary Secretary
Mr J Thorne


Immediate Past President
Mr R Kerr


Meetings Secretaries
Mr M Wilson & Ms C Gilkes 


Academic Committee
Prof. P J Hutchinson (Chair) Mr P May                               
Mr C Watts
Prof. A Belli
Mr D Bulters
Mr M Wilby
Prof. K Ashkan
Mr G Critchley
Mr A Kolias
Prof. P Eldridge
Mr C Tolias
Mrs C Turner
Prof. M Papadopoulos
Mr P Mitchell
Mr D Barone BNTA Chair
Prof. W Gray
Mr C Mallucci

Ms E Edlmann  BNTRC Chair

Prof. G Cruickshank
Mr M Jenkinson
Mr D Fountain  NANSIG Chair
Prof. A King Mr S Price

Last Updated: 25 April 2017